It hasn’t been all that long since the last Falcon Pro update, however as of this morning, another has appeared in the Google Play Store. This update has the app jumping up to version 1.9 and along with the new numbers comes some new features and some new options for customization. Otherwise, the app remains priced at $1.96, however as one would expect — those who have preciously downloaded Falcon Pro will get the update for free.

That being said, lets get into the new features. Falcon Pro v1.9 brings a new font, which is being described as a “sexy” font that is based on Roboto. Other goodies include the ability to load up to 1000 tweets per refresh, the ability to load older tweets and position holding for Lists. Aside from the new 1000 limit for refreshes, the app also has some other refresh and cache related items.

These include the ability to set a different refresh rate for mentions and interactions and additional options to set the cache. Finally, the remaining changes for v1.9 include inline previews for Droplr and the ability to drop the action bar down to the bottom. Those looking to move the action bar will be able to do so by heading into the settings and then tapping the option for Display and lastly the option for Move Buttons Down.


The folks at Falcon Pro have said that having the action bar on the bottom would be nice for larger displays, however in our experience, it seems to work nicely on a smartphone. You can get a look a the action bar being on the top and bottom in the above screenshots (taken on a Galaxy S III). With that, those looking for Falcon Pro will be able to update from the Play Store on their device or by using this Google Play Store link.

[via xda-developers]