There’s no shortage of Twitter clients for Android but one that is leading the pack lately is Falcon Pro. Their extremely customizable and feature-filled app is popular among power users, and today was updated with even more features that makes it stand above the rest. Whether you use Falcon Pro, Carbon, or others you’ll want to read on to see what’s new.

If you find yourself getting ready for a flight and don’t want to be bored the entire time, Falcon Pro has introduced offline mode to their app, as well as a cache cleaner so the offline mode doesn’t clutter up the app and your device. If you chose, Falcon will pre-load all the tweets, pictures, links, video thumbnails and more. Then you’ll be enjoying the Twittersphere offline with ease.

Leaving talk about Twitter token limits aside, Falcon Pro really is one of the best options and for those who have it, enjoy it. Along with the offline mode we now have additional translation options and the developers fixed a slew of issues and performance fixes are also included. They added translation for: Portuguese, Thai, Dutch, Catalan, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish and Hungarian.

Lastly on the Play Store and XDA they state bug fixes, but don’t really go into the details. Some of the fixes include photo upload problems and mix ups, live streaming not staying at the top of timeline, and a format issue for image downloads. Get it now while it’s hot!

[via Play Store]