Last week, we told you about an incident that froze one Android Oreo phone owned by a redditor who shared his experience on the forum. We knew something was wrong because it was unusual for an Android phone to do that after a simple reset but looks like it’s a major bug that needs to be fixed.Some people believe Google is making an important change to Factory Reset Protection that’s why the device was bricked after he couldn’t get in. Fortunately, Google already responded and explained it is just a bug.

The Factory Reset Protection is a basic feature that prevents third parties from totally flashing or wiping data from stolen devices. This is an important measure to ensure Android phones can be kept safe and secure from vulnerabilities or any illegal activities. The idea is you would have to boot the device with a known Google account and not just some random account or number, that is, if you forget the login or password when suddenly locked out. Usually, you only need to ‘Verify your account’ but a new pattern was recently asked instead. Apparently, it’s only a bug that should be easily fixed.

Android 8.1 Developer Preview 1 exhibits this bug on the lockscreen patterns. Some are saying Factory Reset Protection can be bypassed with a Google account. This is not secure for Android users even if you’re using password or PIN already.

VIA: 9to5Google


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