Facebook is still being challenged with these days with all the privacy issues and questions. This week, about 200 apps have been suspended from Facebook for possible privacy violations in a move to make things better for the millions of other users. Facebook already published its Community Standards and internal guidelines for the people’s reference. The top social network is still working on several updates and improvements, as well as, new features by announcing several new features and products including a dating feature to build “real relationships”, Analytics app for brands and businesses, and the Facebook M voice assistant that may power the upcoming smart speakers.

Facebook is also said to be working on its own processor and now we’re introduced to this project that involves the teenagers. It’s not a separate social network for the teens but a Youth Portal that will serve as a central place for young people all over the world.

The Facebook Youth Portal is a one-stop location where teenagers can take advantage of Facebook services to help them in different areas such as Education. FB products like Events, Groups, Pages, and Profile can be accessed here in a safe manner. Facebook also offers information types of data the website collects and how the FB team uses them.

The Facebook Youth Portal also features ‘Peer Voices’ where the young generation can read stories for other teens around the world how the use the technology in new ways. You can also read tips on things like reporting content, security, and checking what to share, as well as, guidelines on internet usage and how to take a break from social media.

In the near future, Facebook will also add new tips plus links to the Bullying Prevention Hub. Facebook has been working carefully on this project by talking with teens from different places like the US, UK, Brazil, and Italy. Youth forums, workshops, summits, and roundtables are also being held all over the world to get information and advice from different sources.

You can access the Facebook portal here– Facebook.com/safety/youth –ready in 60 languages.

SOURCE: Facebook