Facebook chip

Facebook may be in hot water right now but we believe the top social network will be here to stay. We’re giving it another five to ten years before people get tired of it. As a company, Mark Zuckerberg’s baby will remain relevant since it’s been venturing into other fields. Don’t go over those privacy and security concerns and it will still be good. The latest rumor is that Facebook is coming up with its own semiconductors. We may be seeing Facebook processors in the future although not exactly with the same name.

If and when the company decides to manufacture chips, then it may enter the same business and rival the likes of Intel, AMD, Samsung, and Qualcomm. There is no official announcement yet but some job openings have been sighted, looking for a ‘Manager for ASIC Development’ to be assigned at Menlo Park, CA. The job description reads: “The ideal candidate will be a consensus-driven leader with management and leadership experience in small to large size organizations, with a comprehensive system and silicon development experience, and a proven track record of first-pass success in ASIC, FPGA and Systems.”

The manager for ASIC will obviously work to build and manage the firmware, organization, and other matters that may deal with the standard cell ASIC development as described. This may include “silicon architecture, micro-architecture, RTL development, Verification, FPGA emulation, co-simulation, simulation acceleration, synthesis, DFT, floor planning, physical design place and route, DRC, LVS and GDS II stream out, and post-silicon validation.”

This is just one job listing but we won’t be surprised if we see more related positions. So…who’s willing to submit their resume?

VIA: Bloomberg