There’s a new OG Facebook in town, and it’s got a list of revisions about 6 pins long. Oh what’s that, you didn’t even know there was a v1.5.1? We’ll lets talk about that one too, but first lets go through the newest list for your pleasure. The first new thing added to this Facebook app for Android is the ability to upload images to friends walls. Too long have we lived without the ability to do such a thing! Then there’s the new ability to upload photos to Groups. Hooray forever!

Then there’s the feature I personally have been waiting for for many moons: Photos will always upload with the correct orientation. Then there’s some silly stuff like Improvements to landscape mode and Improved security using SSL. And of course the classic Various bug fixes. You can download this version right this second [from the Android marketplace,] or you can go to the Android Marketplace to your apps and update this version of Facebook with a single click.

Then there’s v1.5.1. This was a rather large update, bringing Facebook for Android “Deals,” “Chat,” and Push notifications. Goodness gracious how did we ever get along without those things in our lives?! Of course the Push notifications only came with Android devices running Froyo and forward.

Now I want to thank the person who send us this update – none other than our main forum homie, Simms22! You can check out all the hot forum action over in our discussion forums [right here] if you want to see more of Simms.


  1. This update has fc’d A LOT. It seems to happen when looking at pictures or a video from the news feed. Also happens when you scroll to the bottom of the news feed. Droid Incredible here. Not rooted.

    • Same here on my galaxy tab. And looking at comments on the market this update is a dud across the board. No one should attempt this update.

  2. Is there any way whatsoever to get feedback to or from the app devs? They don’t respond to Market feedback, website feedback on FB, (or even FB’s own Wall and Discussions for the app’s page where they announce updates!) For what seems like a lot of people, each update seems more broken than the last and they haven’t even addressed any of the issues or problems!

    All these posts announcing the updates and their promised new features but never any follow-up anywhere about how much is broken!

    Where’s the response to the community from the devs? Detailed or in-depth commentary from the sites that follow these topics?


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