Facebook has revealed a few new features to their growing social network as of late, but today we’re hearing about one of the biggest ones yet. Earlier this month they announced voice messaging for their Android and iOS Messenger app, and were even testing actual VoIP (voice calling) for iOS. Today they’ve officially rolled out free WiFi calling for all iOS users. Sadly it looks like Facebook decided not to include Android — at least for now.

This feature basically brings WiFi and Voice over IP calling to one of the biggest communities in the world. Much like how Skype has voice calling, as well as others, Facebook will now offer the same thing. Only Facebook has billions of users. You’ll be able to easily call anyone from your Facebook friends list using their iOS messenger app, absolutely free, or using your iPhone’s data connection.

For those who use Facebook Messenger, simply hit the i button in the top corner, then hit the “free call” button and you’ll be chatting in no time all over WiFi. According to multiple reports it might take a second or two to stabilize (plus this is the early stages) and after that the quality is excellent and at least on par with Skype and other offerings. If you have bad cell service at home or work, or just want to save minutes this would be a great place to start.

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 1.51.46 PM

Facebook confirmed the US rollout of free calling today to the folks at The Verge, but sadly this is only for iOS. For now this is not available for Android, but most likely Facebook will be adding it soon considering the millions of Android devices being used today. One thing worth noting is you don’t need a calling plan at all. This works on iPod’s, iPad’s and would work on all of our Android tablets too as long as they have a microphone. Get to work Facebook, we want this on Android.

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