Facebook apps. Android apps. Web apps. Apparently there just aren’t enough apps to go around, so Facebook decided to cram as many as it could into its own app. (Que Xzibit meme photos now.) The social networking giant is planning a major update both its web platform and its Android and iOS apps to put other apps that feature Facebook integration on display.

The idea is to promote Facebook’s various development features, and highlight apps that use them well. For example, Draw Something lets you log in with Facebook (even without the Facebook app installed on your phone or tablet) and connect with friends who play the Pictionary-style mobile game. Spotify also lets you log in with Facebook, and share what you’re listening to or browse your friends’ playlists.

Developers can create pages for their apps on Facebook now, and Facebook will feature well-reviewed and popular apps on the App Center front page. Android apps will link directly to either the Google Play Store on the web or its individual app on Android. For any developer who wants more exposure it’ll be a boon. Paying for apps through Facebook will only be supported for web apps (the ones that integrate with the main site) initially.

Strangely, there’s no mention of a way to share the apps that you’ve downloaded with your friends. The App Center won’t be rolled out for a few weeks yet, so we’ll be sure have a thorough hands-on ready when it does.