Facebook has recently launched the Pages Manager app for Android. The app joins the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps in the Google Play Store and is currently sitting at version 1.0. Also similar to the other Facebook branded apps, the Pages Manager app is available for free and with the requirement of Android 2.2 or later for use.

As for using the app, this will do just what the name implies — allow you to manage your Facebook Pages. In fact, it will allow you to manage multiple Facebook Pages. The app will allow you to post new updates and images, reply to comments and view and reply to private messages sent to your Page.

In addition, the app will provide notifications so you can keep up with new activity in real-time. About the notifications, judging from a quick read of the comments, you may want to pay attention to whether or not you really need these because at this time, it looks like there is not any way to turn them off. Simply put, if the notifications are not what you are looking for, you may want to skip this app for now.

And for the final bit, which we suspect will be most important to some, the Pages Manager app will allow you to view your latest Pages Insights (the stats). That all being said, while the Insights are nice to have, if you can live without seeing those on a mobile device, you can probably handle most of the other activities using the regular Facebook app.

[via Google Play]