This afternoon, along with many others, Facebook has just launched their official app for Google Glass. They are the latest out of a long line that have just announced their acceptance of the wearable computing device. Today we saw similar launches for Twitter, Evernote and more. It isn’t a full featured app obviously, but that wasn’t the point at this stage.

Using the new Facebook for Google Glass, users will be able to instantly snap and upload photos direct to their friends and timeline. Then they took it one step further, and you’ll be able to add a quick sentence or description to the image just by speaking it out loud. Using Google’s voice capabilities you can add some info to go along with the image.

The developer behind the new Facebook for Glass, Erick Tseng, is an ex-Googler from the Android side of things so it was a nice and simple project for him and his team. While mentioning the release himself on Facebook, he had this to say about the future.

We look forward to exploring Facebook experiences across new types of mobile devices; this is only a first step.


Facebook has just revealed the new app at the perfect time, as Google’s I/O event is obviously going on as we speak. With Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Evernote and more on board things are coming along quite nicely for the device. Sadly Google didn’t have much to announce about Glass at yesterdays keynote, somewhere we thought we’d be hearing plenty about its future.

Glass still isn’t expected to hit retail until sometime in 2014, but development is already under way full steam. More details can be found from the source link below, and head to Facebook yourself to get started.

SOURCE: Facebook