An update to Facebook Messenger is rolling out to users right now, offering a few interesting tweaks you may want to take advantage of. We previously mentioned some of the group chatting features, but this update also offers WiFi calling. That’s right, Facebook is now offering VoIP.

For Android, this may be the largest chat service to offer WiFi calling. With about one billion users, Facebook likely has someone you speak to regularly available for chat. This is a service not yet available for the chat service of note for Android in Hangouts.

The gorup chatting feature is pretty simple, in that it offers you the opportunity to create groups for a chat, then pin them to a separate page within the app. You can even quiet the chat for periods of time, which is useful for those noisy members who you just wish would stop. It also keeps group chats tucked away form individual ones,offering a nice organizational twist.

Messenger is available via the Play Store now, with the update rolling out incrementally. Now that Facebook Messenger has a beta program, we’re likely to see rapid improvement of the app, with these changes being among the first major features added since inception.