Facebook Messenger has a nice update rolling in, bringing us the ability to sort friends into groups. Groups can have custom names as well, though Facebook has gone ahead and made some suggestions to get you started. There is also the ability to forward messages as well, making it much easier to relay a point to a third party.

When it comes to sorting friends into groups, it couldn’t be simpler. Just add a new group, name it, add some friends, and you’re chatting away. Users can also take group chats and pin them in a separate tab, making it easier to find them later on. There is also functionality for muting conversations, so if you want to not participate in a lively group discussion while you watch your favorite TV show, that’s not a problem.

Message forwarding is also new for Messenger, and adds functionality found in some other chat applications. When someone sends a message you’d like to forward along, just long press on the message, and a menu will pop up. From there, just select “Forward”, and choose who you’d like to send it to. A great feature for longer form messages, or sending along an address for directions.

A dedicated group page will make creating and finding group chats much easier, and the use is simple and straightforward. Now that Messenger has a beta program, we should expect to see more incremental updates like this come along. Messenger may not be a go-to app right now, but it just might be should Facebook continue the update trajectory they’re on.