The Facebook Messenger app was recently updated in the Google Play Store. That update arrived last week and brought support for a new feature called Chat Heads. As it turns out, that update also contained another new feature. That other new feature is still hidden for Android users, however it is one that will be familiar for those using the regular Facebook app on an iOS device — stickers.

While the Facebook for iOS app has official support for stickers, Android users were left waiting. You can however turn these on with a few taps. Keep in mind though, the place where you need to tap is a bit hard to get. In fact, this may be one of those times when a stylus with a precise tap would be rather helpful.

That said, you can begin the process by making sure you have Chat Heads enabled in the Facebook Messenger app. As of now the (hidden) stickers only seem to work when in a popped out Chat Head. Once that has been taken care of, you need to tap the small section to the left of the plus icon (which sits next to the ‘write a message’ box).

For those needing a bit of help, you can get a look at exactly where in the screenshots sitting above, just tap where the arrow points. Bottom line here, if you are using Facebook Messenger on Android and feel you must have sticker support now, you have the opportunity. In most cases however, it may be easier to simply wait for Facebook to officially add the support.

[via Android Police]