Apparently the folks from Facebook have another product they’d like to share with the world. The man in charge, Mark Zuckerberg, and his entire team have been busy adding Twitter-style #hashtags to Facebook, introducing new home replacement launchers on Android, and even the HTC First “Facebook Phone” (fail) but apparently they aren’t done yet.

We don’t have too many details at this point and time, but the company is preparing to host a quick event next week where they will be unveiling and announcing a new product. Facebook specifically mentions “product” and not features, software, or something else. So that is why we’re interested in this event invitation.

Whether you’re a fan of Facebook, their Facebook phone, or any of their services is a completely different story we could talk about forever, but we’ll leave you with this little gem. We have mixed feelings about Facebook Home ourselves, not to mention the phone, and we’re not alone either. The HTC First has been delayed and might not even launch in Europe, as sales have been weak, so we’re not sure if this will be another hardware device or not.

“A small team has been working on a big idea… Join us for coffee and learn about a new product.”

According to ABC News, the details above are all Facebook has revealed, but it confirms they’ll be holding a media event on June 20th to reveal this new product. Whatever it may be.

ABC mentions this wasn’t send via email, and came in the good old fashioned Snail Mail, so we’re not exactly sure what is going on here with Facebook. When they say “product” does that mean it will be hardware, or could this just be anything? We’ll update the minute we learn more, but feel free to sound off in the comments below with your thoughts.


  1. Facebook cafés, they sent out a physical letter as a clue it’s a physical thing and they want you to have coffee with them. They want to go from the place you hangout online, to the place you hangout offline.


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