Back during the beginning of April Facebook finally released their “Home on Android” simply called Facebook Home. Now just a month later they’ve confirmed the application has already reached 1 million downloads, and as a result Facebook usage for those with Home installed has increased roughly 25%. That isn’t all either, they have new features coming soon too.

Today while hosting a small event Facebook had tons of news to share regarding download and usage numbers, updates, new features and more according to Tech Crunch. Facebook Home officially hit devices on April 12th, and in just 10 days reached 500,000 downloads. Now less than a month later that number has doubled and they’ve hit the 1 million milestone. However, they didn’t say how many of those were active installs, which is the important stat here.

We don’t know how many people are still using Facebook Home, and surely many tried it out just for fun and didn’t decide to keep it. Facebook did mention that for those enjoying Home their Facebook usage has increased by 25% a day. That’s quite a bit if you ask us. We’re already on Facebook enough, but to each his own. Then while going over the numbers Facebook shared some details on an incoming update. Facebook will see a bug fixing update (in the Play Store of course) later today, and coming soon is an improved and tweaked user experience.

As you saw in our Facebook Home Review, the concept is good but it just limits too many of those phone and Android features we know, love, and need. It sounds like Mark Zuck and company took notice of everyone’s complains, because the new update will address many of these issues. They’ll be adding a “Dash Bar” to manage and start chats more easily, an improved “dock” as well as a better “new user experience”.

The minor bug fixing update should arrive soon, then the improved Facebook Home experience is also in the works, but no details on when that will arrive.

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