Facebook has begun pushing out another update to their Facebook Home replacement launcher today, but so far we have no clue as to what actually changed. This isn’t the first update, but most new features have arrived through the official Facebook app, not the Home app itself. It still says version 1.0 in the Play Store, and there is no changelog. So your guess is as good as ours.

Facebook Home isn’t doing quite as well as Mark Zuckerberg and company would have hoped, and neither is their Home-rocking HTC First “Facebook phone,” which was delayed outside of the US. While we’ve seen a few changes to Facebook Home, and they even returned our icon app tray, things aren’t looking too good.

Today they pushed out an update to Facebook Home itself, and not the regular Facebook app or messenger, but we’re not sure what has changed. Our devices aren’t showing anything new, and they didn’t even update the changelog on the Google Play Store. Get it together guys!


According to a few tips, it sounds like the Facebook Home update could be related to last weeks news of Facebook opening a beta program. The company revealed they’ll be allowing BETA members early access up to 10 days before app releases, to test and try new features on their mobile app. They promise a better and faster app, and likely much of that will roll into Facebook Home.

When Zuckerberg announced Home the team promised monthly updates and improvements, as well as adding support for more devices as time went on. So far we haven’t seen too many devices added, so let us know if one of yours is now supported after the update today. We’re not seeing anything new here, aside from NVIDIA SHIELD support. That’s odd.

As soon as Facebook reveals more details we’ll update. In the meantime, what ever happened to the tablet version? And do you still use Facebook Home?

VIA: Play Store