The HTC First, the Facebook Home phone went on sale with AT&T this morning. We are also expecting the Facebook Home launcher to appear for download in the Google Play Store today. And while we wait for that to come available, it looks like Facebook has been busy updating some other apps. In this case, they have recently updated the regular Facebook app and also the Messenger app.

In these cases, both updates appear to be in preparation for the release of Facebook Home. Beginning with the regular Facebook app first, here we have an update that has added new permissions for Facebook Home. The other app, Facebook Messenger will now have support for Chat Heads. Both apps also have some unspecified bug fixes.

While the permissions for the Facebook Home side sounds interesting enough, the bigger piece here is the Chat Head support within the Messenger app. As a recap, Chat Heads will make it easier to keep in contact with your Facebook friends. Essentially, these Chat Heads will appear as little bubbles and allow you to tap to reply and begin messaging. Once you tap the bubble, the messaging window appears and when done writing, tap again to get rid of it.

Basically, it seems like Chat Heads will simply make it easier to chat with friends. Of course, as we heard during the Facebook announcement, your phone should be about the people and not the apps, so in that regard, this makes perfect sense. Anyway, while we wait for the release of Facebook Home, take a few minutes and make sure your other installed Facebook apps are up to date. You may also want to check out our Facebook Home review to see if this is even something that you will like.