Facebook is back in the news today for throwing around large sums of money. After buying Instagram for a whopping 1 billion dollars today we’ve learned they also snatched up a mobile app company called TagTile. In case you aren’t huge into Facebook, today they launched Facebook Offers — basically coupons and deals they’ll send to your email for free coffee, or other discounts. TagTile will most likely be joining that system.

TagTile is very similar to Google Offers, Groupon, or many other deal apps where you get daily deals and coupons sent to you, only they also offer those loyalty (buy 10 get 1 free) cards at the same time. Using their mobile app on Android or iOS you can track or save your coupons, earn loyalty points and more. While we don’t have any details around how much Facebook paid, or what their plans are we all have a pretty good idea already.

Basically with Facebook offers you show the cashier your phone with the deal, and you get a discount or something free, and he might need to scan a code. With TagTile possibly being combined into Facebook Offers the system could become even better. TagTile today confirmed the deal, saying Facebook acquired all of their assets, but that is about all we know at the moment.

The TagTile app appears to be fairly new to Android with a low number of installs, but we could see more from them and Facebook both in the future. Get TagTile for Android by clicking here.

[via SlashGear]