Recently the folks from Facebook have been pretty busy. With things like Facebook Home, chat heads, the HTC first “Facebook Phone” and now this. Today it looks like Facebook is rolling out voice calling for those in the U.S. using their messenger application. The feature is called VoIP (voice over IP) and will work with your data connection, or using Wifi for free calls.

This feature actually arrived for iOS in January, and rolled out to Canada last month, but today Facebook is bringing full and free voice calling to Facebook Android users here in the United States. Now you can call that friend that keeps posting his gym workouts on Facebook and tell him to stop, or call Grandma and tell her Happy Birthday. All for free!

It’s pretty simple and you can try it yourself right now. As long as you have the Facebook Messenger app installed just select a friend, tap the (i) button on the top right, and you’ll get to a page that will allow you to directly call them with Facebook Messenger, or even their mobile number. Pretty neat right? The ringing noise is a bit irritating, but we’ll live with it.

As expected, this is free calling over WiFi but if you’re on a data connection this can use your data and thus get you charges from your carrier if you go over your data limit. We know many of you love (and hate Facebook) so if you’re interested give it a try today and let us know what you think. The quality is decent, but that will surely improve over time. Get the app below if you don’t have it already.

[via Play Store]