Microsoft Exchange support for Android is one of those things that can’t come too soon for many enterprise users, but until then there are apps that promise at least partial functionality.  Wrike’s ContactsCalendarSync is one such program, bringing contacts and calendar synchronization between an Exchange server and your Android device.

Up until now, though, it’s been a not-inconsiderable $24.95; more than many would like to pay, especially as it doesn’t include email support.  Wrike have answered with a limited discount: from Thursday April 2nd through to April 16th, ContactsCalendarSync will be available for $9.95 through the Android Market.

Obviously you’ll need an Exchange server and the Exchange Web Services feature enabled in order for this to be of any use.  Back when we tried it in October we found it pretty straightforward, though not without glitches, but a more than 50-percent price cut certainly takes the edge off them.

[via jkOnTheRun]