We’ve been saying that the Firefox launcher is simply a customized EverythingMe. True enough, the brand EverythingMe itself is no more as the team behind it is already shutting down. In an official blog post, Dan-ya Shwartz Bar-El, Head of Marketing at EverythingMe, announced that they are winding down the company.

The EverythingMe launcher will no longer be supported. It’s more of a context launcher rather than a simple app launcher. It started as a simple app that would remember a user’s habits so it would launch the right app to be opened at a certain time of the day or week for easier and quicker access. The app was introduced three years ago and over 15 million mobile users downloaded it from all over the world.

User experience was regularly updated but the time has come for the devs to sit back and relax. They’ve already seen their success and their vision has finally come to life that another company even took interest. Mozilla invested heavily in the startup and then soon launched the Firefox launcher. Some features have also started to occur in other operating systems and launchers.

EverythingMe was all about contextual discovery. The startup was built on the relevant recommendations for content and apps that a person might likely need at a given place or period of time. It’s a good product and it was an ideal framework but unfortunately, the company didn’t generate enough revenue so the executives decided to shut the operations down.

We don’t know when exactly but you won’t find the EverythingMe launcher on the app store. All services will close down so you won’t be able to receive any support. You may still run the app on your smartphone but don’t expect it to run smoothly as before because even the servers will be shut down.

SOURCE: EverythingMe