Digital handwriting arrived for those using the beta channel of Evernote back towards the end of January. As Evernote participates in the Play Store beta program, the option to get access was available at the time. But as not everyone wants to be running beta software, there were likely many sitting back and waiting. Well, in a bit of good news, this latest Evernote for Android update has added the handwriting feature into the regular stable release.

Evernote users will be able to grab this latest update by way of the Play Store. But perhaps a bit more important here, this is being touted as a feature that extends the current Evernote experience, as opposed to simply providing an alternate input method. To that point, users will be able quickly and easily switch back and forth between writing and typing within the same note.


The example used here dealt with sitting in chemistry class and taking notes about what the professor was saying. With this latest update you will be able to type the notes you need, and also draw those chemical structures (which cannot be done using a traditional keyboard). Furthermore, just as you bounce back and forth between writing and typing, you can also record the audio from the lecture at the same time.

Switching to writing is easy enough and can be done by tapping the pen icon. If you run out of room you’ll be able to tap the plus located at the bottom, and you can also adjust the color and thickness. Then when done writing, tap the checkmark and go back to typing (or alternatively, adding an image).

Aside from the addition of handwriting, the Evernote team has also made improvements to the note editor, camera and annotation features. The editing improvements mean text highlighting as well as the ability to make note links that allow you to jump from note to note. As for the camera, that is said to be two times faster. And of course, what app update would be complete without mention of bug fixes.