If you love to cook or just have a huge appetite today we have an app for you. The popular Evernote has just launched their new Evernote Food app for Android. Whether you’ve created a meal, enjoyed a meal, or saw something you don’t want to forget Evernote Food will help you save it — and quickly find it for later use. Everyone to the table: Evernote Food is here!

After successfully launching Evernote 4.0 for Android, then last week Evernote Hello for contacts, they are back with their food-fanatic app. This is the best way to capture, save, remember, and share your favorite meals with friends or family. The video below gives you a better idea of how this app and its beautiful user interface all works.

You can take photos of meals you cook or while eating out, add tags to quickly pull it up later, and even add little captions like “that hint of lime really made this dish” to help you remember every aspect of your meal. If you love to eat this should totally be on your Android phone. With location saving, sharing to Facebook and email they really give the food lover multiple options here. If your wife always posts the meals she cooks to Facebook she’ll want to give this app a try. More details are available at the links below.

Evernote Food Play Store Link

[via Evernote]