Evernote is branching out from its standard notation/bookmark/link sharing service into something a little more relatable. Today they’re launching Evernote Hello, a contact manager that aims to make remembering your contacts much easier with contextual information. The free app builds on Evernote’s established services by backing up said contacts in your Evernote account, eliminating that annoying need to send out a Facebook message to tell everyone you lost your phone (not that Android users have to worry there).

There are three distinct pieces of information that Hello gathers to help you remember your contacts regularly. First is obviously their face, by the simple expedience of taking a photo of the person when you meet them. The second is by time, as the contacts are presented in a timeline view. And third is context, with groups on contacts met together or at a certain place being subtly linked within the app. For those awkward moments of spelling out someone’s last name, Hello allows you to pass your phone to the other person and even let them take their own photos.

Naturally Hello integrates with your existing contacts, and can also tie into your Linkedin account for easier completion of contact profiles. And once they’re set up, you can tie Hello contacts into items in the primary Evernote application. Maybe this won’t replace your tried and true Google-synced contacts, but for those with a ton of people they’re expected to meet and recall perfectly, it could be very useful. The app hasn’t landed on the Google Play Store just yet, but it’ll be on Evernote’s developer page when it does.

[via VentureBeat]