Don’t be deceived by the photo of the Essential Phone. What you are supposed to check is the navigation and status bar as shown in the phone screen. One redditor shared his observation by posting a screenshot on a thread. The full image you see below shows a large bar on top. We can’t say that it might be for a secondary screen but right now, anything is possible. The bar is just huge we’re wondering what could possibly be placed there.

Check out the screenshot below:

Again, don’t look at the phone but the full screenshot image. It was shared by Essential Product’s very own Jason Mackenzie who also said that phone will have a clean and clutter-free screen. The phone will be built with titanium material and will be unlocked from Telus where it is also now ready for pre-registration, at least, in Canada.

This phone designed by the father of Android, Andy Rubin, will have no big logos. The screen of the phone will be IPS LCD and not AMOLED.

There’s still no mention about the exact availability or shipping date. You see, the Essential Phone has been delayed already and we have no idea what happened to it. The company recently explained its dual rear camera technology but still nothing about missing its deadline.

VIA: Reddit