We remember Android Q Beta Program for the Essential Phone becoming ready. That was back in July. Android Q eventually turned out to be Android 10 and we soon learned all the new features and improvements of the new Android version. No related information has been shared since then but the year 2019 will not end without the Essential Phone getting a December software update. This is already the Android 10 update but we’re not sure if it’s beta or the final build for commercial release.

The Android 10 software update will bring the Essential Phone build QQ1A.191205.017. This also includes the security patches 2019-12. Feel free to check your Essential Phone and see if an update is ready. You may also receive an OTA.

Essential never disappoints as it usually releases the same Android or security updates the same day as Google. The company may have failed when it comes to sales of Essential devices but it still is regular when it comes to bringing updates. There is no certainty about an Essential Phone 2 but for now, it’s good to focus on the original Essential Phone model. Receiving the same update on the same day as the Pixel phones shows the Essential team it cares for its people.

The Essential Phone can’t be considered an old phone yet but it deserves a follow-up. There is that Essential Phone 2 shown off by Rubin and which may be out in shiny colors but we’ll have to wait and see if the phone will become a reality. It should be easy for the Essential team to prepare and test the update because it’s only working on one device.