It appears that Stephanie Vince-Walsh, aka Sprint 4G Corporate Comm has announced on Twitter that Android 2.2 Froyo will be pushed over the air to Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G starting on February 21, 2011. That’s very very soon! It’s difficult to see how updates like this are appearing now that Gingerbread 2.4 has essentially been guaranteed to so many new phones, but to those who are under contract with the Epic already, I’m sure it’s a welcome change.

This update is said to be pushing to all users by February 25th at the latest. No word on other very similar phones, though one shouldn’t stop crossing their fingers if they hope for a quick move to the higher desserts. That said, how long do you think it’ll take for this phone to get Ice Cream? Will it be too outdated by the time that Honeycomb flavored Mobile OS upgrade comes along?

Last we heard of this update it was January of this year and we’d just been told to wait a bit longer: Froyo for Samsung’s Epic 4G “Still in the works.” If you are unaware of the reasons behind the want for this update, head back to the Sprint Epic 4G review our sister site SlashGear did for the handset back in August of last year. Such a lovely little thing with a slide out keyboard and brightness that can be used even outdoors without a problem. All must want.