Another day, another update issue regarding Samsung. Just a day after we heard about the Vibrant 2.2 update that will be rolling out this week, Sprint has issued a statement regarding the update for the Epic 4G.

The statement reads:

“Epic 4G users: We want to assure you that Froyo for the Epic 4G is still in the works. … It is our intention to bring these updates to our customers as quickly as possible but only after they meet our rigorous testing criteria. We can’t provide any guidance on an exact or estimated release date at this time, but please know we are working to get Froyo out for the Epic as quickly as possible.”

Well, they’re working on it. Is this good enough? Do you feel that little updates like this to keep the consumer in the know about what’s happening is the way to go about things – or is the whole Samsung update procedure a mess you’d like to forget about? Let us know in the comments!

[Via Sprint]


  1. I’m glad that Sprint has acknoweledged that there is an issue. Kudos to sprint for that. On the other hand, I’m so upset that Samsung is so far behind on this. Unless I get gingerbread by the end of February, this is my last samsung phone ever.

  2. “Unless I get gingerbread by the end of February, this is my last samsung phone ever.”

    –Welcome to the world of Motorola and HTC, Convert.

    Don’t expect anything other than Android 2.2 anytime remotely soon.

  3. I think Samsung has a lot of catch up and groveling to do or its brand will be tainted in the smartphone arena. It’s too bad, my old Samsung flip phone was bulletproof and my kids love their Gravity 3 and Highlight. I’d be happy to consider a Gravity or Nexus S model when my upgrade comes due shortly, but the inadequate response on software updates, GPS issues, etc., are of concern. I’m sure HTC and LG are happy, but they’d be better served by making their customers happy…

  4. Sprint/Samsung are still giving us vague, meaningless updates; they’ve been doing this since before the launch of the Galaxy S series. Until they give us a solid date (not just by 2012, since they already missed their Jan 1, 2011 deadline), I will continue being pissed off.

  5. I got my epic about 3months ago. And iv been in love with this phone since then. I haven’t been too interested in updates since I was really a phone techie to begin with but iv become so embaressed for samsung that a girl like me who isn’t even interested in all the new phone updates, is extremely pissed off about not having froyo by now. My boyfriends evo had it before I even got my phone. I love my epic and wouldn’t give it up cus its suck a great phone. But I’m just pissed its taking a century to get 2.2. I doubt its that hard.


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