Endomondo has recently announced another update for Android users. Specifically for Android users who have an Endomondo Premium subscription. If you happen to fall into that category you now have Mobile Statistics. A premium subscription does cost a few bucks a month, however the folks at Endomondo are offering a limited time free trial so you can see before you buy.

First things first though — the stats. In this case users will have the option to break things down as Workouts, Distance, Duration and Calories. The details will then be further broken down by Days/Month, Weeks/Year or Months/Year. Some of the other highlights include the different sports being a different color.

Simply put, workout stats have arrived for Premium level Endomondo users. While the setup seems to have the essentials at this point, there was the promise of more to come. We haven’t seen any specific timeline as to when this will arrive — but Android users will get the option to filter results by sport and hashtag. This could prove useful for tracking things such as when you begin running in new shoes. Also, while the stats are currently available in portrait mode, there was mention of landscape support coming in the future.

Lastly, as for that trial offer. The folks at Endomondo have said users can enter “VIEW-MY-STATS” at checkout to get a month of Mobile Statistics for free. You will need to use that code before the end of April, and otherwise, you will be paying $3.99 per month (or $29.99 per year) after the trial ends.

Looking back, Endomondo rolled out an update in early March adding Bluetooth LE, a lockscreen widget and more.

SOURCE: Endomondo