If you haven’t yet realized that emojis are serious business, then you’ve probably never had a conversation with someone where you didn’t use any words except characters. Relationships have been built (and destroyed) on emojis and so digital natives are all atwitter every time there’s a new batch announced and released. Aside from all the other new features that come with Android 9.0 Pie that started rolling out to Pixel and Nexus devices yesterday, you will now also get the Emoji 11.0!

There are several new emojis that come with version 11.0 (Why 11 and not 6? We explained here). In fact, there are 66 new emoji code points and 62 of them are for actual emojis that you will be able to see and use. Some of the more anticipated ones are the red-haired man and woman who will make gingers everywhere happy. You also get curly-haired, silver-haired, and bald people.

We also now get a superhero and a supervillain (both male and female) who seem like an homage to DC’s Superman and Marvel’s Mr. Sinister. And because we love using animal and food emojis, we get a ton of new ones like a raccoon, swan, hippo, lobster for the former and mango, cupcake, bagel for the latter. There are also new body parts (a tooth), science objects (helix), and household paraphernalia (a broom) to add to your conversations.

There are also some notable changes made. The pistol is now changed into a toy squirt gun to reflect the growing negative perception about firearms (at least in the US). To be more gender-inclusive, the family and couple with heart emojis have also been changed into something more androgynous. The turtle seems more friendly, the dagger seems more shiny, and the green salad doesn’t have an egg in it anymore. The hugging face now also has hands facing outwards but it looks like it’s now waving.

There are also some minor tweaks to emojis like the upside down face, sleepy face, face with raised eyebrow, face screaming in fear, and even th dog and dog face have also become cuter. You’ll also see updated versions of the hospital, bacon, bomb, sunglasses, sun with face, and new moon face, among others. Some of the changes may not be so noticeable, but believe us (or them), they’re there.

If you own a Pixel or Nexus device and you’re already running Android 9.0, you’ll be able to see the new and improved emojis for yourself. But for others, it will take months for the rollout. And since Samsung devices have their own emoji font, you won’t be able to see the Emoji 11.0 update but your OEMs own interpretation of the Unicode 11.0.

SOURCE: Emojipedia