If you thought T-Mobile’s worldwide roaming was impressive, AT&T is certainly keeping pace — and then some. A few weeks ago, we reported that the number two domestic carrier struck a deal with Rogers Canada to allow LTE roaming north of the border. Now AT&T has worked with EE in the UK to offer the same.

AT&T customers who go to the UK will have access to all 160-plus markets EE offers LTE in, according to an announcement. The European carrier has the most LTE coverage in the UK, giving those traveling abroad a chance to experience their device speeds at full tilt. An impressive agreement, EE hinted this wasn’t the last they’d strike with AT&T.

While EE customers will have the option to utilize global LTE roaming, there was no indication they’d have the courtesy of AT&T’s LTE network when traveling to the US. For those who make their way to the UK, EE is noting they have average LTE speeds of 24-30Mbps in major cities. EE CEO Olat Swantee said “With the biggest and fastest 4G network in the UK, we can provide our partners’ customers with the best mobile experience to stay connected when they visit the UK.”

For the globetrotter, this may come in really handy. While a roaming agreement north of the border makes sense, one across the pond is special. AT&T has really come forward as a big player for coverage, and we’re left anticipating what else EE and AT&T have in store for us.