Lately all the US carriers have gone crazy with phone upgrade ideas ever since T-Mobile announced their JUMP plan. Allowing customers 2 upgrades a year. Verizon has Edge, and even AT&T Next offers something similar. Now it looks like the folks in the UK want to do the same, and EE is first to the punch with their new “Swap” option.

Instead of having options for monthly payments on devices and such like we’re seeing here in the US, EE has a different plan. As long as you’ve been under contract for 6 months, you’re eligible for an upgrade to a new device, but you’ll pay a fee. So it’s a mix of both.

Users wanting to upgrade early will pay a one-time fee based on their monthly payments. Basically cheaper plans will see users paying a higher fee to upgrade early, and high-priced plans won’t be charged as much. These reportedly will range from £49 to £249 when you “swap” phones early.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 11.32.50 AM

They simply state this is the easiest way to upgrade mid-contract, and users will be able to get the devices they want. For now it will only be select devices, but all the important ones will make the cut. Of course when you ‘Swap’ you’ll have to sign a new 2-year contract again, and you can’t use swap to get a new phone and lower your plan. It has to be equal or higher than what you’re currently using, so don’t try it folks.

As expected their new Swap plan is full of rules and things you must follow, so at the moment we’re not so sure how much of a deal it actually is. But if you’re like us and want to be on the bleeding edge, this is how. More details available below.