You may recall our short editorial on the one thing the Galaxy S III needs to truly shine, that being a better battery life than similarly high-end devices. A screenshot from Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin shows just that: the new Samsung flagship his clocked at just over 20 hours of run time with 42% battery left. The battery on the Galaxy S III is 2100mAh, about 15-20% larger than most high-end Android phones.

Murtazin testifies that he’s used the phone for five hours of music, a dozen photos and one video, but there’s something that casts doubt on the impressive stat. He also said that he’d used it for only an hour on the cellular network, with the rest of his time presumably spent on local WiFi. (Note the WiFi and Airplane Mode icons in the status bar.) That skews these results somewhat. Samsung phones tend to get average to good battery life, with the notable exception of Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus LTE variant.

The Galaxy S III is set to release in Europe on May 29th, followed shortly by a UK release on the 30th. It will be sold in its HSPA+ version unlocked and via most major carriers. There’s no confirmed carrier for the United States just yet, but compelling evidence for Verizon and at least a suspicion of AT&T and T-Mobile versions are present. Samsung says that the Galaxy S III will be coming to North America later this summer.

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