Smarter Google Duplex

Earlier this week, we learned about Duplex now letting you book haircut appointments through AI. Several improvements are being applied to the system especially after it was made available in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Around the same time last year, it started testing Duplex-powered Assistant for movie ticket booking. We know Google Duplex’s AI is still heavily supported by humans as it continues to expand to more US states and for more Android devices in the country and abroad.

Google continues to explore new possibilities, features, and enhancements. The AI technology uses natural conversations to finish tasks. It allows more consumers to do more and be productive with all the time saved.

At Google’s Search On event which we shared with you yesterday, Google announced an update about Duplex and Google Assistant. The system is smarter now as it can wait on hold for you or make reservations and appointments.

Duplex also helps people discover accurate information about a business. What Duplex does is call companies to update their listings on Search and Maps. Basically, Duplex wants to ensure important details like store hours or phone numbers are up-to-date. It can update the listings automatically.

Businesses in other countries can also now take advantage of this. Local businesses include grocery stores, restaurants, and pharmacies—the essential stores needed during this time of the pandemic.

Duplex can buy movie tickets for you. It can also book a rental car. In the near future, shopping and ordering for food may also be done so checkout is faster.

Duplex’s conversational AI also helps by running Call Screen. It’s a feature that allows the system to answer unknown calls. This way, spam calls can be avoided. It joins the ‘Hold for Me’ feature introduced earlier this month.