The most important addition to the Android Market in a while is easily Wikipedia’s official Android app, developer Teragadgets has something a little more lighthearted for Android users. DroidTropes is exactly what is sounds like: an Android app made specifically for pop culture knowledge vault The app is a free download and works with Android versions 2.1 and later.

Haven’t heard of TV Tropes? Think of it as a sort of Wikipedia for all those who obsessively catalog television, movies, video games, books, comics… well, any sort of media. While you might think that that’s covered pretty well by the big W, TVTropes is a much more casual environment with a unique organization scheme. Titles are broken up around “tropes”, or more accurately, cliches. Every time a villain leaves the hero in an intricate deathtrap without waiting to see if he actually dies, every time a car chase includes two men carrying a pane of glass into the path of a getaway vehicle, every time George Lucas add something ridiculous to the original Star Wars trilogy, it’s ruthlessly cataloged and index by the TVTropes faithful.

The app itself seems solid enough, though it hasn’t seen an update in over nine months and tablet support is a little iffy. Search for a show or individual trope, browse recently changed articles, or just load up a random page from the start screen. Have a care, though: has been known to murder free time like the Joker with a crowbar. Once you read up on your favorite show, movie or character, you’ll find yourself exploring the linked pages click by click (or in the app’s case, tap by tap) until you realize that you’ve wasted valuable entertainment hours reading about entertainment. Consider yourself warned.

[via Reddit]