Just two days ago, Wikipedia released their official application to the Android Market. It had been available for some time in Apple’s App Store – and will be much welcomed to us Android users. With so many other non-official Wikipedia applications, it doesn’t even show up on the first page, so you’ll have to scroll down a bit to find it.

The app was very well put together, however it does seem to have some issues. First, like many others – it keeps the GPS on after exiting the app. Not a good feature if your battery doesn’t last that long to begin with. Also, Google search integration has not been incorporated like other Wikipedia apps quite yet.

I’m sure they’ll take these two points into consideration, as the Android-based Wikipedia followers everywhere would greatly benefit from a couple quick fixes. Other than that, this is certainly the smoothest Wikipedia application yet. It would be nice if they add the ability to edit too – though that’s not a requirement for myself.

Market Link

[via Talk Android]