Oh you Motorola employees, what you wont say these days. A cool employee over at the Motorola Mobility forums let slip (or was allowed to slip) the fact that an update to Gingerbread was coming soon on essentially ever Droid ever: DROID X, DROID Pro, DROID2 and Global, and that this update will improve Exchange Activesync functionality. This is fabulous news for all Droid folks for more than one reason, obviously, but the Activesync issue being fixed is like some frosting on an already delicious cookie.

This update specifically on the DROID X will be coming by the end of the second quarter if the words in the sources below are correct – we sort of guessed at this yesterday when news came of a “Soak” came for the system in an update that was thusly unnamed. This comes right on top of the release of the DROID X2 which we’ve just reviewed in full. Have a look at that and see what you’ll be seeing!

Next the DROID Pro and DROID2 will be receiving the update “before the end of the third quarter” which means probably before the end of the. Along with this comes news that ALL of the Gingerbread builds are completed but that Verizon has to approve them before they’re allowed to go out the gate. Lets get those fingers snapping, let’s go!

[via Droid Life]