Everyone is still looking for that killer app that will rival iTunes for media consumption. Sure there’s audio options out there including Double Twist and Pandora, but what about for watching your favorite TV shows? Hulu for Android is still not out. YouTube has the market cornered on viral videos. What about watching real shows? Droid TV may be that killer app. But not for everyone.

Droid TV works by downloading television episodes and storying them on the Android’s SD card. So, it means you need at least 2GB free for every episode you want to watch. It also requires Android handsets running Android 2.1 (Eclair) and above with a minimum screen resolution of 480×800. And the most killer requirement is that you need a processor that’s at least 1Ghz, which is fine if you have an HTC Thunderbolt, but anything older than last June and you’re probably out of luck.

As we reported last week, tablets are becoming the entertainment option of choice over TVs and PCs. So that makes having a mobile video solution even more important. Advantages of downloading over streaming are obvious. You can download episodes when you’re in a WiFi hotspot or at home, save them and you’re on your way. And that will save your precious bandwidth, which these days is far from the “unlimited” advertised. It also means a buffer free experience, which is something streaming options can’t guarantee. Subscriptions for Droid TV start at $6 for six months. Here’s hoping it’s a legal app that escapes Hollywood’s notice.

[via Android Me Up]