As if the Cable TV companies didn’t have enough to worry about, there comes a new global survey to suggest that tablets are rapidly becoming the entertainment device of choice ahead of televisions and PCs. The survey, conducted by Google Mobile, found that 77% of those asked reduced usage of their PCs after buying a tablet computer. Of that 77%, 43% say a tablet has replaced their computers altogether. Additionally, a full 1/3 of those surveyed stated that they use their tablets more often for entertainment than their televisions. Further, 84% state they use their tablets to play games.

The results of the global survey only underscores what we already knew … that mobility and choice of when to watch what we want has been pushing the industry for awhile now. And with more people “cutting the cable” and getting rid of cable TV and satellite in favor of streaming television solutions via the Internet, the need to keep an open internet is even more vital. Viewers are turning to online portals such as Hulu, Netflix, and even Amazon to rent movies and TV Shows to what when they want. And iTunes shows no signs of slowing down with video downloads.

Hollywood has been keen to pick up on the trend, offering digital copies of movies with DVD purchases. But if these numbers truly hold, that measure was nothing more than a stop gap at best and as tablets become more popular and cheaper, the number of people using them as their primary entertainment tool will certainly climb. Then again, TV sales were brisk the last few years as America underwent the digital TV turnover. And when it comes right down to it, would users rather watch the Super Bowl on their tablet or that 60″ plasma in the living room? Guess it depends on if you’re home.

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