We have some excellent news this afternoon from the folks at Motorola. This morning Motorola approved the update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for their popular DROID RAZR M over on Verizon Wireless. We were told this would be the first RAZR to be updated to Jelly Bean, and it looks like the wait should only be a little bit longer before you can all enjoy Jelly Bean.

While announcing their new RAZR line back in September, Motorola’s newly appointed CEO made a point to say meet the “New Motorola” up on stage. Part of that new Motorola was that updates would be coming faster, hardware would be more impressive with the less is more approach. Releasing top quality smartphones less frequently, that way your DROID 3 won’t get replaced by a DROID 4 within 6 months, and more.

Today Motorola has confirmed the Jelly Bean update for their popular 4.3-inch edge-to-edge screen packing DROID RAZR M is finally ready, and has been given the green light. While the update hasn’t been confirmed yet by Verizon support, Motorola is seeding it to test units as we speak. Hopefully if all goes well the mass public will be enjoying Android 4.1 JB, Google Now, enhanced notifications and more all within the next week or two.

This is an excellent sign for Motorola considering the RAZR M was released about two months ago. Obviously we can’t expect all updates to arrive within 2 months, but that would be impressive. With their version of Android being so similar across devices we can also expect the popular RAZR HD and MAXX HD to see it before the end of the year too. Hopefully Android 4.2 is coming in January. Stay tuned for more details.

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[via Droid-Life]



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