The Motorola DROID RAZR is almost here, its so close we are seeing videos and commercials appear almost by the hour. What we have for you today is the inside scoop on how the DROID and RAZR brands came together to create what we now know as the DROID RAZR. Obviously you’ll want to check out our full DROID RAZR review, then enjoy the video below.

We have a few quick videos today showing off the new phone, its features, and how the RAZR came to be. Bill Ogle, CMO from Motorola had a few things to say about the extremely iconic name we all know as the RAZR, and how this extremely thin and beautiful phone was just right to deserve the name. Here is the first video:

DROID RAZR: Inside Scoop

Next, Motorola has just published a new video showing off a few more awesome features of the upcoming DROID RAZR. The new clip shows off Motorola Smart Actions. A feature set that will not be new to some but many will enjoy having it built right into the device software. With battery saving features when the phone gets below 20%, device going silent after a certain time of day or when you arrive at the office and more. We’ve seen it before but Motorola’s neatly integrated it for us and here’s the video demonstration.

Motorola Smart Actions

We’ve been seeing plenty of reports of those that pre-ordered the new RAZR should be getting them in the mail and on their doorsteps sometime today, so expect plenty of videos to follow shortly. If you are still on the fence I urge you to look over our review posted above, then enjoy one last video of the DROID RAZR by our very own Chris Burns.

Droid RAZR hands-on

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