The following is a look at a collection of accessories made to compliment the full review of the DROID RAZR also available for your perusal here on Android Community today. The accessories we’ve got our hands on include the HD Dock, P893 Universal Power Pack, Adapter for webtop, VGA Travel Adapter, and Vehicle Navigation dock. We’ll take a brief look at each of these accessories and let you know if they’re worth picking up when you pick up your DROID RAZR from Verizon – gotta catch em all!

P893 Universal Power Pack

This power pack is so awesome and simple that it deserves a high five. We got to see one of these when the ATRIX 2 came into the office for review, now here’s another one, with a black cord instead of a green… teal looking cord. How about that! It gets charged via a microUSB port, then gives off power via its own microUSB cord and a full-sized USB port. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Vehicle Navigation dock

This particular dock is the only one that brings up your vehicle dock display, this essentially just a limited set of shortcuts shown in giant button format – again we took a look at this same accessory and functionality back in the Photon review.

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Adapter for webtop

This little monster has microUSB and microHDMI ports in and the same plugs out. Seems like a rather silly device, right, what’s the point, right? Blammo, here’s the secret: you need a converter to get webtop working, and this is the least expensive way to do it. Though the package doesn’t come with a microHDMI cord (which you’ll need), this little guy will bring you the ability to run webtop on your HDTV without the HD Dock price tag.

VGA Travel Adapter

Essentially the same situation as the Adapter for webtop except here you’re converting to VGA instead of the same two plugs that run in. Connect to your big fat PC monitor with this in-between cord for webtop, or like the rest of these solutions, use it to simply mirror your device’s display to a larger display, see a big music player with your device’s tunes, or a gallery that does the same thing.

HD Dock

This dock is going to make your webtop dreams come true at the same time as acting as a host for your USB mouse and USB keyboard too. You can get your full HD action on with this thing while your DROID RAZR sits in rest looking smooth. This is the best place to run webtop from because otherwise you’ve got to use the DROID RAZR as a trackpad for your mouse, and the situation still hasn’t advanced to a very pretty place as of yet. Mouse in the house – make it happen. Also note that the DROID RAZR is the first device on the market to be able to play Netflix through HDMI at full 1080p HD – do it with this dock.

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The only accessory I recommend you certainly pick up, and I noted this in the DROID RAZR review as well, is a microUSB adapter cord. Of course it also would make sense then to pick up the Adapter for webtop too since it’ll make your life a lot easier plugging once each time instead of twice, but make your own mind up about that. I also recommend trying out the Lapdock 100 at the store but leave it out of your pick up package because the RAZR doesn’t fit in the back pocket on the device, and the Universal Power Pack is both simple and simply amazing – grab one even if you don’t buy a DROID RAZR.

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