Apparently following in the footsteps of its Motorola Droid brethren, the Droid Incredible by HTC has just fallen down to $149.99 as well. The same “small print” comes along for the ride with this price drop as well. You’ll still have to sign a new, two-year agreement and make sure you send in a mail-in rebate. But, the overall price is $50 cheaper — does that mean something is coming to replace it?

Like the Droid 2 earlier today, there’s rumors that the Droid 2 Global Edition is incoming, setting up to take the $200 price tag, and therefore warranting the price drop of the original version. But, with the Droid Incredible, there’s only one handset that could take its place and price tag: the Droid Incredible HD. Just a rumored device for now, if the price drop is any indication, it looks like it’s coming a lot sooner than we originally thought.

As for the Droid Incredible itself, you’ll have to put down $249.99 out the door, and then you’ll get a $100 mail-in rebate debit card once you go through the hoops. The $149.99 price tag is a pretty good price for the 3.7-inch display, Android 2.2 Operating System, and HTC Sense UI. Don’t forget the 1GHz processor under the hood, too.

[via Verizon]