If you were interested in picking up the Motorola Droid 2, with its full physical QWERTY keyboard and Android 2.2-goodness, but weren’t sure if the price was worth it at launch, then it looks like your patience has finally paid off. While the Droid X is still listed at the $199.99 price point (after a two-year agreement, and $100 mail-in rebate), the Droid 2 has taken that inevitable price cut.

As of right now, you’ll be able to get your hands on the Droid 2, with its revamped MOTOBLUR User Interface, 1GHz processor under the hood, and Flash Player for the “full Internet” mobile browsing, for just $149.99. You won’t be able to get an instant $100 rebate on the device, though, so you’ll have to pay the $249.99 at the start, and send in for your $100 mail-in rebate card after you get your phone.

And, if you feel like a bit more speculation about the Droid 2 Global is necessary, then here you go: the price cut for the device is right in line with a launch of the Droid 2 Global. Will it happen tomorrow? Probably not. But, the device is obviously coming, and it’s obviously coming soon. Do you drop the $149.99 for the Droid 2 now, or wait it out until the company announces the Droid 2 Global? Your call.

[via Verizon]