More and more Droid Bionic news keeps appearing this week. We’ve seen more pictures and docks leaked as well as Amazon listing it early revealing a 360° view of the phone and its awesome looking dock featuring HDMI-Out and three — yes three USB ports. With a dual-core and 4G LTE this might as well be my computer and internet in one, right?

We wont even get into the “leaked” pricing we saw earlier this week. The image above could very well be a tease for what is to come. A placeholder ad stand at a Verizon store with the big dawg phone in the middle missing. What would be better than the Droid X2 or the Droid 3 — only an LTE dual-core beast like the Bionic of course.

The amount of excitement surrounding this phone was big from the start and has only been gaining steam as all these leaks keep dropping. I know plenty of people waiting that will be upgrading to the Bionic when it does indeed hit the shelves. A recent update to Netflix in the market showed the Droid Bionic on the supported list so that is just all the more reason to want this phone.

I’m expecting Verizon to have a few awesome commercials to go along with this launch as it should be their new flagship device. We should be hearing more soon and hopefully start seeing some commercials and a release date.

[via DroidForums]