Well I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m almost bored with it by now. The Droid 3 is going to be an undeniably sexy keyboard bearing phone with a dual-core prcoessor and qHD screen, but we’ve been being teased by it for months now. It may have a rumored release date only two weeks out, but we still have no word from Moto or Verizon. If this isn’t bad enough, Verizon stores are now getting official cases for the unannounced phone.

The cases pictured are a lovely assortment of colored gel and hard cases for the third iteration of the Droid. There were also screen covers, but that’s not too exciting is it? The real question is when will someone give us an official release date.

Leaks have been pointing at the next couple weeks, with both July 7th and 14th being named in rumors. While it lacks Verizon’s blazing LTE network, and spec wise is very similar to whatever we expect the 4G-bearing Droid Bionic to have when it launches, the Droid 3 will be THE device for Verizon customers who need that physical keyboard. Whatever your feelings about this phone the wait looks to be almost over, I hope.

[via Droid Life]


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