Some of you might have fond memories of playing side-by-side with a friend and pulling of deadly kung fu moves in Double Dragon on ye ol’ arcade. Now you can relive those moments, maybe even with the same friend, as DotEmu brings back the classic side-scrolling brawler on Android.

DotEmu has made a name for itself in bringing classic titles into the present age with the help of some emulation technologies. Late last October, it announced that it was channeling its resources in bringing Double Dragon to mobile. And it wasn’t content to work on only one Double Dragon title. Instead, it was roping all parts of the trilogy into one, single mobile package.

Now the promised day has arrived and players can take on the roles of martial arts siblings Billy and Jimmy as they fight their way to rescue Billy’s beloved. Of course, the game isn’t just a direct port and offers a number of mobile-only features. Players can get to choose their level of difficulty, ranging from an easier mobile version to the original arcade version to a hardcore expert mode. The game also includes both the original 8-bit soundtrack of the game as well as a remastered version. But probably more important for reminiscing the good old days, the game has a two-player co-op mode via Bluetooth. Here’s DotEmu’s trailer for Double Dragon Trilogy on mobile.

Reliving the past this way, however, isn’t free but won’t cost you much compared to, say, some never-ending game franchise. Double Dragon Trilogy is now up on Google Play Store for a slight price tag of $2.99.

Download: Double Dragon Trilogy on Google Play Store
VIA: Android Police