While top OEMs are jumping on the notch design bandwagon, there are those who are thinking outside the box. The main purpose of the notch is to allow a bigger screen real estate as the screen on the left and right can still be used to preview icons, alerts, and other notifications. Some people don’t like it so the ‘hide notch’ option will be beneficial. For others, the solution is to actually hide the camera. You see, the selfie cam takes space so the best solution is to hide it.

Doogee has a new smartphone in the works and youtuber Mrwhosetheboss received a prototype for an early review. He published an unboxing video and gave the audience a glimpse of what could be the first, real fully bezel-less phone. If the Vivo Apex hides the camera by offering a pop-out cam instead, the Doogee Mi Mix 4 employs a slide-out design so the selfie shooter is hidden in the middle and underneath the front panel.

The result is a true bezel-less screen. It’s about 97% display so it’s impressive. The 5.99-inch phone is compared to the 6.2-inch Samsung Galaxy S9+. The Samsung phone is bigger in dimension but the Doogee phone still has a bigger usable display.

Watch the unboxing video here:

The Doogee Mi Mix was inspired by the Xiaomi Mi Mix line but the Doogee seems to be better and more robust. The sub $300 pricing may make this one a clear winner.

SOURCE: Mrwhosetheboss