Vivo is the first ever OEM to introduce a new phone with an in-display fingerprint sensor. It may not be the first to think of the technology but it is the first to release such in the market. Aside from the Vivo Xplay7, Vivo is also working on APEX FullView Concept Smartphone that shows what could be the future of smartphones. This isn’t a real working Android phone (not yet) but it shows the many possibilities a mobile device can have in the coming years.

The half-screen in-display fingerprint scanning technology by Vivo is accompanied by a screen-to-body ratio. This FullView technology has been improved with a new design structure, sensor elements, speaker, and camera. In the company’s “pursuit of setting new industry standards and to deliver the ultimate mobile experience”, this APEX has begun to show the world there are still more rooms for improvement. There’s no stopping Vivo from working and innovating on present technology to make the future much more convenient and high-tech.

Don’t think the mobile game has reached its peak. There are still a number of technologies to be improved. As for the APEX phone, it comes equipped with a 4.3mm bottom bezel and 1.8mm side and top bezels. We can say it’s not just almost bezel-less but now truly bezel-less.

The APEX’s ultimate screen-to-body ratio is made possible by the flexible OLED platform that allows microchips to be mounted to a flexible circuit board. Othe specs and featured technologies include Screen SoundCasting Technology, an 8MP elevating front camera, sound leakage reduction, low to high pitch sound optimization, and power reduction.

What Vivo did to the APEX is make the bottom half of the OLED screen. This enables the display to offer fingerprint recognition. It also makes use of a System in Package (SIP) technology integrate the three operational amplifiers and the DAC. The result of the reduction of space means a bigger battery size can be installed.



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