Firefox and Chrome might be the big boys of the browser market, but on Android, there is another name that consistently rises to the top. Dolphin Browser gives users many of the features of mainstream browsers and more via add-ons. And now with an upcoming major version 11 update, it is has added a few new features that will make it an even more enticing option for Android users.

On the visual side, Dolphin now sports an adaptive design that adjusts nicely depending on the device form factor, whether you are on a smartphone or a tablet. The right side panel, accessible via a swiping gesture, now houses oft used options like full screen or night mode for even quicker access. The bottom menu bar has also been redesigned to give the browser a cleaner and more streamlined look. There are also new themes, more than 40 in total, all available for free.

Of course, the new version won’t only be about appearances. Bookmark management has just gotten more powerful, allowing users to sort, import, and export bookmarks. New gestures have been added as well. Swipe up from the Dolphin icon in the bottom menu bar and you get quick access to Gestures and Sonar voice recognition functions. Swipe up from the tab list button in the menu bar and you get to easily close the current tab. While not as quick as Chrome for Android’s undo closed tab feature, the tab list now offers a separate section for recently closed tabs. There is also a new add-on named One Tap that lets Dolphin hide in a floating circle bubble for loading pages in the background, similar to what browsers like Flynx, Javelin, and Link Bubble do.

For all the power and convenience that Dolphin has to offer, it has one disadvantage. The browser is totally Android only and doesn’t have any app for other platforms, so its Dolphin Connect syncing service doesn’t extend to those as well. Still, if this is your type of browser and want to get an early hands-on experience for the beta version, you can sign up for the Dolphin Google+ Community in order to become a beta app tester.

SOURCE: +Dolphin